Internal trainer

Target group: Internal trainers, coach
Target members: 6 persons (is possible to adapt by client needs)
Target hours: 1,5 days (include breaks)
Target of training: Target is be able to prepare and realise training according company needs, with using of all verbal, nonverbal and other abilities, make it interesting, attractive, usefull an motivating with practise and model stuations and achieve required success / effect. *trainings are based on practical exercises and model situations.


Person of trainer

  • Personality
  • Authority
  • Interpretation and explanation
  • How to make it attractive
  • Contact and communication
  • Utterance, show, speech
  • Voice techniques
  • Target group and members
  • Typology
  • Image

Training preparation

  • Room
  • Effective begining, Ice break
  • Structure of training
  • Mind maps
  • Rules for effective presentation
  • Materials and documentation
  • Breaking the stress


  • Expextation of members and company
  • Atmosphere
  • Build up respect
  • Keeping attention
  • Bbrainstorming, brainwriting
  • Support tools
  • Conflict prevention
  • Arguments ang obligations
  • Ensure of understanding and practise
  • Rules of successful training

Finish of training

  • Key point
  • Recapitulation
  • Positive end
  • Feed back

After discussion with client should be content, time, target group adapted by needs.