Time management

Target group Call center and other leaders (Supervisors, Team leaders, junior managers)
Target members 6 persons (is possible to adapt by client needs)
Trainings hours 1 day (include breaks)
Target of training Target is help leaders to discover how to define priorities and tasks of their work, targets, goals and activities. How get the best time management, routine activities and how to sort out ad hoc operational situations in process, team and shifts. How to get overview and control under delegated and other activities, be stress resistant. *trainings are based on practical exercises and model situations.


Time management & organization skills

  • Actual situation – where we are wright now? *
  • Tasks and work organization
  • Time management *
  • Targets and goals setting
  • Goals setting barriers
  • Time management techniques *
  • Effective time utilization
  • Rules for the best organization*
  • Goals and priorities*
  • Weakly and long term planning*
  • Stres – identificators *
  • Stres – callers*
  • Stres – how to be resistant *

After discussion with client should be content, time, target group adapted by needs.