Leadership and team development

The main goal is to show leader his role in the organization, team, his mission and goals to achieve, to use all leadership styles effectively. To get results from individuals and team, handle complications, be self motivated and be able to transfer spirit to the team. Be able to communicate positive, but also not favourite messages, provide constructive feedback, develop and coach people. Each topic of training is fully practised by exercises and role plays.

  1. Manager
    1. Funcion of management
    2. Leadership vs. Management
    3. Leadership role and goals
    4. Expected leaders skills and knowledge
  2. Team development
    1. Influence to the team
    2. Leadership styles
    3. Delegation vs. Coordination
    4. Constructive feedback
    5. Segmentation of employees
  3. Motivation of the team
    1. Motivation vs. Stimulation
    2. Motivation basics
    3. Employee life cycle
    4. Team spirit
  4. Crisis situation
    1. Problematic team member
    2. Crisis communication
    3. Conflicts between people or teams
    4. Critism to leaders head