Phone communication skills

Target group Agents Front office, Back office
Target members 7 persons (is possible to adapt by client needs)
Trainings hours 1 day (included breaks and lunch pause)
Target of training Target is to build up empathy of agents to customer side, to be a partner, able to listen and understand, solve every situations, be human and natural, trustfulness, provide perfect service, be proactive and support acquisition, development and loyalty of customers. *trainings are based on practical exercises a model situations.


1) Phone communication

  • Basic preparing for call
  • Waiting time of customer
  • Influence, voice technique
  • Verbal techniques
  • Customer typology
  • Opening of communication, greeting
  • Listening and understanding
  • Questions
  • Objections
  • Information recording
  • Proactivity, addend value
  • Recapitulation, farewell
  • Keeping satisfaction of customer

Conrete Customer service calls analyses

  • Call structure – incoming calls
  • Call structure – outgoing calls
  • Customer typology – summary
  • Negotiation styles and techniques
  • Calls listening and monitoring with analyse and feedback

VIP clients care (training addition + 5hours)

  • Target of training
  • Who is VIP client, target group
  • Typology of person
  • Negotiation styles according to typology
  • Structure of VIP communication
  • Expressions of VIP communications
  • Positive form of sentences
  • Content of communication
  • Objections anf arguments
  • Added value
  • Selling of key usefull advantages
  • Sattisfaction control during communication
  • Rules summary

After discussion with client should be content, time, target group adapted by needs.