It is my pleasure to be a professional certified lector providing soft skills training more than 12 years on my licence.  My clients are B2C and B2B oriented companies on the Czech market, in various industries. My almost 20 years long professional experience, mostly in managers positions is from Finance sector, IT, Telco, FMCG, For detail information please do not hesitate to find me on LinkedIn portal.

I realise and provide training, monitoring of communication, mystery shopping, personal mentoring as a follow up to training, individual coaching and advisement. Training are focused for everyone who deals with clients in service or sale sphere, or leads a team, presents or leades internal training in company, or just needs to develop him self.

We will together define your current situation, needs and required result of training, you will receive from me specific development plan with recommendations. I can guarantee 100% knowhow from my side, which is also connected with many examples and role plays from real business life. In training all participants will connect theory with practise and will be able to use methods immediately. By my references and experience I can guarantee maximal effect of training and offered services.