Written communication skills

Target group Agents Front office, Back office, receptionists, administrative
Target members 7 persons (is possible to adapt by client needs)
Trainings hours 1 day (included breaks and lunch pause)
Target of training Target is to estabilish basic communication standards for written communication with clients, practise written communication on proffesional level, to share a know-how in solving complaints, be able to work with Sales conditions of company, feell in customer expectations. Be able to use more levels of communication, use sendwich method and know basic standards of CZ communication. * trainings are based on practical exercises a model situations.

Written communication skills

  • Standards of written communication
  • Different kinds of customer requirements
  • Principles of answering
  • Concrete sentence standards and rules
  • Priorities in documents
  • Complaint treatment standards (sandwich method – answers)
  • Different kind of complaints and level of difficulty
  • Principles of answering
  • Concrete sentence standards and rules
  • Importance of sales condition of company

Etiquette of written correspondence

  • Adressing and paradigm
  • Personal and business adress
  • Date, time, currency, numbers, font
  • Correspondence structure
  • Signature
  • Electronic communication
  • Supply, demand, order, call on money
  • Complaint
  • Practise of correspondence

After discussion with client should be content, time, target group adapted by needs.