Telemarketing skills

Target group: Agent Telesales, Telemarketing group, Front office
Target members: 7 persons (is possible to adapt by client needs)
Training hours: 1 day (included breaks and lunch pause)
Target of training: Target is to build up sense of agent for discovering sale occasion in every possible part of incoming calls, be able to use this short moment and by human way in partner position sell products of company. Also be able make active call to target group, accost customer with persuasion of appropriate offer, recommend a variance, be strong in argumentation , be proactive and support acquisition, development and loyalty of customers. *trainings are based on practical exercises a model situations.


1) Telemarketing – basics

  • What is sales about
  • Who is your customer?
  • Perparing for call
  • Way fo reach your customer
  • How to be interesting at the begining of call
  • How to make client to be curious
  • Sales call phases
  • Sales basics
  • Sales ten rules
  • Listeninng
  • Subjections
  • Argumentation
  • Typology of clients
  • Influence of sales effectivity

2) Telemarketing – concrete campaign

  • Consequential to Telemarketing basics
  • Sense and goal of concrete campaign
  • Call script of sale – understanding and acceptation
  • Sales technique for concrete product
  • Possible arguments and conflicts

After discussion with client should be content, time, target group adapted by needs.